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Approximately 1 million bites, and 44 thousand facial injures are caused by dogs each year. Sixty percent of facial dog bite victims are children. 2.7 million dogs are put to death in shelters every year and most often dog aggression has been deliberately exacerbated. With that being said domestic dogs should never be permitted to show aggression towards other animals or people. Below are some key pieces of advice. In a natural state, dogs don't jump on each other, they greet one another by sniffing. Dogs greet each other by first sniffing the face, then sniffing the anus, and then sniffing the genitals. That is how dogs say hello. How to tell if your dog is showing dominance or trying to be the lead pack leader. If he jumps on you when you come home. If you open the door and he rushes out. If he barks at you to give attention or feed him. If he wakes you up in the morning. Whenever he makes you do anything. He is the pack leader. When you come home ignore him and take him out for a long walk, work on some training, then rest, then food. You have provided physical, and psychological challenge followed by reward of food. Then later when he is calm give affection as much as you want. Walking with your dog is a primal activity- migrating with the pack. In nature, wild dog packs and wolves will spend TEN to TWELVE hours migrating for food! Primal dog instincts tell them to follow a pack leader who lead them to food, water, and a place to rest.

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When is the right time for affection? Anytime your dog is calm and submissive. After a dog has changed his unwanted behavior into behavior you asked for. After a dog has responded to a rule or command. After a dog has exercised and eaten. Just remember, anytime you give affection you are reinforcing the behavior that preceded it. When is the wrong time to give affection? When your dog is: fearful, anxious, possessive, dominant, aggressive, whining, begging, barking, or breaking any rules of your household. You cannot "love" a dog out of bad behavior. It's not loving energy that makes a dog feel safe and secure in the home, it is LEADERSHIP.

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