Doggie DayCare

Treat your dogs to a stress free & fun filled day at American K-9!

So much better than a day home alone. Send your dog to doggie daycare! We offer walks and training while they are at doggie daycare with us. It is the most fun place your dog can be. We are open year round providing a safe home away from home. Our doggie daycare even has an outdoor fenced in play area. It is just like at home. During the holidays we have special doggie daycare activities so your dog can be a part of the festivities.

Our doggie daycare offers personal love, supervision, and attention. We have the most training experience of any other doggie daycare in the area, so you will be leaving your dog in the hands of people who know how to maximize fun with exercise and socialization. While at doggie daycare your dog will be a part of a well balanced pack and this will help with your dog's personal balance.

Doggie DayCare Middletown Delaware

Personalized Attention

  • Dogs are never unattended in the indoor play area or outdoor activity area.
  • We provide supervised play sessions to develop, strengthen, and improve socialization skills which provides natural outlets for energy.
  • We offer daily walks, play activities, enforcement of known commands, and brushing.
  • They receive personalized attention from experienced dog care professionals all day long, 12 hours a day.  Now that is a lot of playtime!
  • They are in a safe, loving and clean environment.

Is your dog bored, lonely or restless during the day while you're at work?

Then he or she will love doggie daycare! Dogs are social animals who thrive on interaction and companionship with other animals as well as with people. Most dogs would prefer to be around other dogs instead of being home alone all day. Our younger dogs play tirelessly for hours and hours while our older pooches have fun just hanging out and watching everyone play. Even the shyest of dogs can learn social skills and make new friends at doggie daycare!

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Our Prices

Doggie DayCare Daily Rates
with Training
Full Day*$38$85
Half Day*$27N/A
* Full Day DayCare hours are from 7 AM - 7 PM
** Half Day DayCare is a 4 hour increment
Second dog receives a 10% discount
Temperament Test Required: Call for scheduling and pricing
Doggie DayCare Package Rates
with Training
5 Full Days $10 Savings$180$415
5 Half Days $5 Savings$130N/A
10 Full Days $25 Savings$355$825
10 Half Days $15 Savings$255N/A
20 Full Days $75 Savings$685$1,625
20 Half Days $45 Savings$495N/A
30 Full Days $125 Savings$1,015N/A
30 Half Days $95 Savings$715N/A
40 Full Days $175 Savings$1,345N/A
40 Half Days $145 Savings$935N/A
Walk distance may vary

DayCare packages for difficult dogs available

Requirements & Forms

Below are the details that need to be followed to have your dog join American K-9 doggie daycare:

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered. We welcome unaltered puppies who have received their complete round of puppy shots to come and stay with us up until 6 months of age. Puppies 6 months of age and older must be spayed or neutered.
  • Medication form must be completed and ALL medication must be in the original labeled pill bottle
  • Rabies
  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo & Para influenza)
  • Bordatella (aka Kennel Cough or Tracheo Bronchitis)
    Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne infection similar to the common cold that kids can pick up while at human daycare. No vaccine is 100% effective as new strains of Kennel Cough continually develop and some dogs can be more susceptible to the infection than others. American K-9 takes all possible precautions to eliminate the possible spread of this infection in our facilities. We strictly monitor and maintain proper ventilation at all times and follow a rigorous cleaning schedule. In addition to requiring a current Bordatella vaccination we highly recommend that owners get this vaccination two weeks prior to their first boarding or daycare visit. The vaccine can take up to two weeks to become fully effective. There is also some current debate about how long the various vaccines will protect your dog. Ask your veterinarian for more information and make sure they know when your dog will be staying with us.