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American K-9 is Delaware's premier center for all your doggie needs.
Learn more about our service and why our pack and their owners choose American K-9!

American K-9 Doggie Daycare, Boarding and Training Center’s philosophy has always been exercised based enrichment for your K-9 pet.

Unlike other pet facility’s we believe exercise is the key to a calm assertive, happy dog. This is why American K-9 is the only Dog Daycare, Boarding and Training Center that offers real structural migration (walks) for you dogs. We provide everything from puppy walks, ¼ mile up to 4 mile (adult dogs) structural migration walks depending on the current conditioning and fitness level of your dog.

It’s important to know that dogs are migratory animals, which means in nature dogs will spend 10-12 hours a day migrating for water, food and then rest. This is the natural order in a dog’s life. Dogs are not meant to spend all of their time sedentary, caged up, walled off or behind fences.

Structural Migration reduces stress, reduces anxiety, reduces depression, reduces fear based behaviors and aggressive behaviors. These are all behaviors dogs can experience when you are away at work or on family vacation. Structural migration exercises the body and the mind. While walking we are engaging the dog’s olfactory system as they are exposed to new environments, new smells, smelling the scent of other animals and laying down scent information about themselves. While your pet is getting a physical workout, they are also exercising the mind as they process all the information they are experiencing through their senses. We also offer pack walks which is another primal activity for dogs. When a group or “pack” of dogs all migrate together many good things are happening which make the dogs very happy. They form bonds or friendships with their other K-9 companions. This is all very powerful stuff. We call it “The Power of the Pack”.

In addition to our custom exercise program we also offer a climate controlled 6100- square foot indoor play room. We also have a 10,000-square foot out door fenced in exercise yard. There you will see agility equipment, A-frame, Jumps, Tunnel, Trussell Walk, Teeter Totter, as well as three pools to keep everyone cool on hot summer days.