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Michael J Brown

Owner / Certified Dog Trainer

My passion for dogs began when I was about ten years old, caring for the neighborhood strays in Birmingham, Alabama where I lived with my family. Since I was an infant my family always owned German Shepherds. When I was eight years old my father died in an auto accident. My brother and sister were both significantly older than I was so it was only natural that I gravitated towards the strays in our neighborhood. They didn’t have anyone caring for them and I needed playmates. I formed my own pack. Neighbors called me “The Dog Boy of Tarrant City.” My mom always said, “If I needed to find Michael I would just look for the pack of dogs around the area and then would know he was close by.” I understood dogs and loved being around them. At that time I trained all of my own dogs up to the point of advanced obedience and was always complimented on how well-behaved my dogs were. Through my young adult years my interest grew stronger and I took classes to become certified as a dog handler. I’ve met and received instruction from many “trainers” and I have to say I’ve seen some very bad teaching techniques. After entering the police force I saw the opportunity to further my passion for and knowledge of dogs by becoming a part of the K-9 unit where I excelled, became a handler, and then lead trainer for Delaware City, Delaware police department's K-9 unit. I became the North American Police Work Dog Association K-9 coordinator for the State of Delaware; I graduated from K-9 seminars from Maryland State N.A.W.P.D.A., Virginia Police Work Dog Assn., and Pennsylvania Police Work Dog Assn. I also became certified as a K-9 behaviorist and certified K-9 Decoy. Later, I realized the need in the community for a dog trainer after repeated requests from people when giving K-9 demonstrations at local events. I was contacted by a local veterinary hospital and was asked to offer my services as a civilian dog trainer instructing basic obedience, advanced obedience, and agility training. I’ve been teaching civilians since 2000.

Below is a list of some of my accomplishments:

  • IACP Certified dog trainer (2010)
  • Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals
  • AKC K-9 Good Citizens Evaluator
  • Two time Nationally Certified handler with North American Police Work Dog Association
  • Retired Police Sgt. And K-9 Handler/Trainer with Delaware City Police Dept.
  • Former K-9 coordinator for N.A.P.W.D.A. State of Delaware
  • Certified K-9 Decoy and Behaviorist N.A.P.W.D.A.
  • Assisted in the training of police K-9 units from the entire Northeast seaboard
  • Finisher in 3 K-9 Triathlon (Pennsylvania and Virginia) Best finish 11th in 2002 in Pa.
  • Certified scent detection dog (400 hrs) Certified utility dog (560 hrs)
  • Hosted and completed numerous training seminars in the use and deployment of police K-9 patrol dogs, K-9 behavior, aggression, scent detection, tracking, building searches, terrain searches, article searches, obedience, and tactics.