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Doggie DayCare

So much better than a day home alone. Send your dog to doggie daycare! We offer walks and training while they are at doggie daycare with us. It is the most fun place your dog can be when not with you. We are open year round providing a safe home away from home. Our doggie daycare has an outdoor activities area! It is just like at home. Do you want a doggie daycare that has an outdoor facility? Do you want a doggie daycare that takes your dog on walks? Look no further than American K-9. We are the only doggie daycare in Delaware that offers these two great features. At American K-9 we offer structured pack walks. Our doggie daycare has playgroups with personal love, supervision, and attention. We have the most training experience of any other doggie daycare in the area, so you will be leaving your dog in the hands of people who know how to maximize fun with exercise and socialization. While at doggie daycare your dog will be a part of a well balanced pack and this will help with your dog’s personal balance. Learn more about what we offer by viewing our doggie daycare section.
We Love your Dogs when You Can't!

Obedience Training: Basic, Advanced, Agility and Private

American K-9 training now has dog training in Middletown. Our dog training utilizes dog psychology behavior training. We can train you how to control most behavior problems by understanding what the dog is telling you. If you are looking for information on dog trainers, Michael Brown is one of the best dog trainers in the tri-state area.
K-9 Training and Doggie Daycare
Michael Brown with Tasha and Budders
Relationship based obedience training is understanding the wants and needs of the dog so he can become well balanced. When you have a well balanced dog that is getting his needs met there will be virtually no behavior problems. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to have your dog trained. Dog training and obedience is all about you having a relationship with your dog and your dog responding to a calm pack leader. Our training is based on dog psychology, respect, trust, bonding, intermittent reinforcement and suitable rewards. Our focus is dog psychology as the primary training method. Effective dog training that works in real-life situations. We also offer In-Home Dog Training. We’ll teach you REAL-LIFE problem solving at your home. If you are looking for dog trainers who can get amazing results and are affordable, look no further. It is a lot more fun owning a dog that is calm, assertive, obedient, and listens on command.
K-9 Training and Doggie Daycare
Basic Training Class
We offer the best product of any trainer anywhere: We can definitely assist you if your dog has behavior problems.
  1. We don’t teach or use gimmicks; No shaking a can of coins / No spraying them with citronella or apple spray / no clicker training
  2. No harsh treatment / No hitting / No fear based punishments
  3. We offer group training
  4. We offer private training in your home
  5. You see amazing results immediately
  6. We train YOU, to train your dog
  7. We specialize in behavior modification using “dog psychology”
  8. We train you to act like a mom dog to correct unwanted behaviors of her pups

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Obedience Training Tips

Tip 1

It's extremely rare to see fat canines of any species in the wild and this is because most animals have a refined ability to adjust their consumption of food to meet their energy requirements. In hot weather they eat less. In cold weather, when they have higher energy requirements, they eat more. Obesity in dogs is a man-made problem!

Tip 2

Restricting a dog to a life of luxury in a centrally heated home where he is fed like a king and allowed to sleep where he wants might sound like a recipe for canine contentment, but it carries the seeds of anxiety for two main reasons. 1st he is confined and this is "unnatural" for dogs. And 2nd he has to live with us and, although we are in many ways marvelous dog substitutes, we still unwittingly create conflict in his mind.

Obedience Training Rules

  1. Normal dogs can learn at any age up to the time their mental capacities start to deteriorate with old age.
  2. Dogs learn best through patience, repetition and with suitable rewards. Rewards must be given within seconds of the desired behavior. The same rule applies when correcting unwanted behavior.
  3. Intermittent rewarding of desired activity produces behavior that is more resistant to extinction.

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday
  • 7 A.M. - 7 P.M.
  • Weekend Boarding
    Pick-up / Drop-Off
  •  7 A.M. - 9 A.M.
  •  4 P.M. - 6 P.M.

  • 112 Patriot Drive - Suite F
    Middletown, DE 19709